• terracotta is non bio degradable


    TERRACOTTA IS NOT BIODEGRADABLE! Is terracotta biodegradable? Will it blend with soil after you bury it? Will it cause no side effects to the soil? What will happen to it after a few 100 years? Lets Answer these questions one at a time. . NO, terracotta is non-biodegradable. We have this common misconception that, “because it […]
  • Kosher Designs LLP - Batik Cushions

    Batik – A Symphony

    Batik (Javanese pronunciation: [Batek]; Indonesian: [Batik]), an indigenous craft from Indonesia in which the symphony of the Wooden block and Wax brings an uncanny allure to the fabric. History The style of wax-resist printing, has had  great feats during its evolution throughout history. The craft likely invaded the creative hearts from Asia to the Islands […]
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